Camera Bags — 07 August 2013
Why Buy Canon Eos Rebel Camera Bag

We get fascinated on how expensive designer bags like Prada or Louis Vuitton could get. They are mainly for fashion and not for the bag’s real purpose: storage and protection of your belongings. This can work if you just put lipstick, wallet and cellphone on it. But a Canon Eos Rebel camera without a bag? You cannot afford to take the risk.
Good thing there Canon customize bags that specifically fits the design of their cameras. One of which is Canon Eos Rebel camera bag. If you did not manage to get it as a freebie when you purchased your camera, or you had it stolen or destroyed, then this article is a must read for you. Let us examine it now to know why it is worth of your money and time.
Its dimensions are: 18 cm top and 10 cm bottom width, 19 cm length, and 12 cm top and 8 bottom thickness. Unlike the typical square camera bag, its shape resembles the shape of the camera including the attached lens. By this way, your camera will not be mistaken to be an LCD projector or other square gadgets; just in case they would not read the Canon logo. Instead of hanging your precious camera on your neck while traveling, put it on this bag. You can either use the handle to carry it or sling it on your body. The handle is made of high quality and thick nylon fabric. It was tightly stitched to the bag so you do not need to worry it would detach from the bag. The strap is also made of high standard fabric with cotton inside that will give comfort to your shoulder. Its rectangular buckle can be easily adjusted. Thick plastic snap hooks secure it from breaking and easily attach it on the bag.

Let us now look at its additional and unique outside features. Be confident that your camera will not get wet if the rain comes because this bag is water proof. Of course it can just fend a certain amount of water, but wait there’s more. It has a pull out rain cover (at the back of the bag) in case of storms or big waves in the sea. If you are weather, ocean o resort photographer, this is what you really need. The rain cover has also secure handles. It an additional compartment in front where you can put cables, cellphones and other gadgets.
There is a saying true beauty is within. It is indeed with this Canon Eos Rebel camera case. It has two inside pockets (under the flap) where you can place memory cards, extra batteries, wires and other small accessories that you need. The inside fabric is cushioned to safeguard the camera in case of heavy travel or when it accidentally fell. It has two soft but durable straps that will hold the camera inside and prevent it from falling just in case you forgot to close the bag.

We cannot give without loving but we cannot love without giving. Do you love your Canon Eos Rebel camera? The grab now Canon Camera Eos Rebel bag for a hassle and damage free photo shoots. Whether you are professional, aspiring or just photo maniacs, never go out unprotected. There are also other Canon Camera Eos bags available online. Some of the most popular e-commerce sites are EBay, Amazon and Ritz Camera.

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